How to make your commute better

How to make your commute better

Commutes have pros and cons. The cons are well known. One pro of a daily commute is that is a specific time of the day in which there are a limited number of things you can do, especially if you drive during the commute. The average commute time in the USA is 26.6 minutes a day. That’s almost an hour a day in which you can find something useful to do.


One of the most popular ways of making the commute better is listening to something. Something can include:

  • The radio
  • Music you like
  • A podcast
  • Any other idea you may have


If you have a mobile phone and you abide local laws regarding safely using it while driving, you can use it to communicate with people. Your commute is a great time to catch up with friends and family, to get work calls off your to do list and so on.


The people you would like to talk with are not always available when you are.


You can use Tokilla to let people know that you are on your commute (e.g. have time to talk on the phone). You can chose to let them know that you have – as long as your commute is – time to talk. You can also pick which of your contacts who use (or don’t use) Tokilla will receive the notification that you can talk on the phone.