share your availability

Tokilla is an app for people who drive and for people who like to talk on the phone.

Install Tokilla and let people know it’s a good time to call you.

This is what the Tokilla app looks like:


That’s fine. Tokilla is like a great song that takes a few listens until you get to love it. An acquired taste.


Once you install Tokilla you can notify your contacts who have also installed the app that you can talk by pressing I Can Talk. They will do the same to notify you. You can notify people who haven’t installed Tokilla by SMS. 


Tokilla helps you

Stay in touch

Staying in touch is fun and satisfying.


Show people you care about them.

Update and stay updated

Get updates and update when available.

Utilize opportunities better

And lower unnecessary boundaries.

Which is good for you.

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When in your car you can utilize Tokilla to catch up with friends or family or to get things done at work. Driving is a great time to let people know that you are available for a phone conversation.

Your commute (or any other time of the day you are free) is a great time to stay in touch. Why wait for the right moment? Tokilla let’s the people you care about know that you can talk on the phone.

Busy? sometimes people need to inform you about something on the phone. Sometimes you may need to inform. Tokilla saves you the time of scheduling update conversations. Get things done while driving.

Sometimes you just have some time to spend on the phone. Use Tokilla to fill those precious moments.

Don’t you hate it when people call you at the wrong time? Wouldn’t you like to know when certain people are available for a phone call? Tokilla helps you with both.

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